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      True Lefevre Senior 12.2 Hockey Goalie Trapper

      Note: Made In Canada

      True has revealed their first custom set available on the market crafted by Lefevre. If you are a goalie, you will know Lefevre by their top notch level of craftsmanship paired with an understanding on how to create gear that will help a goalie perform at the highest level possible.

      Starting off with the graphic of the True L12.2, True has gone with several zones that all look to explode out of the bottom corner and extend all through glove. If used creatively, each goaltender will be able to create their own unique design both simple or complex by grouping together designs or coloring certain zones to create accents through the glove.

      Continuing on the face of the glove, True has gone with a 75 degree break that is also know as a 600. This closure is design to help a goalie who is looking for a more natural closure that stands up tall and creates a large presentation to the shooter. You will also be able to see the double-T pocket that works perfectly with the closure, helping create that large visual presentation.

      Internally, the L12.2 will come as a Game Ready feel, completely lined with Grey Nash for a comfortable feel that will help the goaltender stay connected with confident grip through to the end of their session. Padding the palm will be thick HD Foams built and placed to help prevent from any stingers that might occur.

      Finally, around of the back of the True L12.2, a simple three section backhand helps this glove stays flexible so that the goaltender can easily reach toward puck for easy saves. On the sides you will see two Velcro points that help keep the glove closed and can be opened for quick adjustments if needed.