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      Warrior Junior Alpha DX5 Gold Hockey Player Stick

      Sabre Taper: Our exclusive taper design that combines low kick response with a
      stable powerful release. This easy to load design provides a quick release and more
      accurate shots.
      True 1 Phantom Feel: Our lightest and strongest true 1-piece construction to date.
      True 1 Phantom construction creates a balanced, lightweight Hockey Player Stick and enhances how the Hockey Player Stick feels during play giving you more control and response.
      Ergo Shaft Shape: The ergonomic contour shaped shaft fits comfortably and
      securely in your hands enhancing touch and feel for better deking, dragging, and
      Minimus Carbon: Flat weave carbon design that provides excellent feel for all parts
      of the game.
      Apex Grip: A tacky soft grip feel that locks your hands in place for peak hand control.