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      XLab Delta 400 Saddle Mount Rear Hydration System

      • Most adjustable single bottle system with both cage height & angle adjustments
      • Sturdy, reliable storage system with stiff stainless steel arms
      • GORILLA CAGE has a tight 10lbs grip (approx) on bottles eliminating unexpected launches
      • Compatible with most standard saddles
      • Carry your repair with the optional XLAB MULTI-STRIKE REPAIR HOLDER or XLAB AERO POUCH 300


      • AERODYNAMIC LOCATION. Mounts to saddle, hiding in body’s draft.
      • HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE. Can adjust cage angle and cage height for a perfect custom position.
      • STABLE DESIGN. Stiffest mount on market with stainless steel arms.
      • FLARED CAGE DESIGN. Makes inserting bottle easy.
      • HIGHEST GRIPPING CAGE. 10lbs grip (approx) on bottle to prevent bottle launches.
      • ANTI-VIBRATION. Locking hardware for safety and security