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      The Speedminton® FUN set provides ultimate fun for family and friends and can be played anytime and anywhere - no net no court necessary.

      The centerpiece is the newly developed HELI Speeder™ - Made in Germany. With its rotating properties you can play over short distances - perfect for the beach the park or your own back yard. The FUN set now comes with the original Speedminton® FUN Speeder™ giving you two options and twice the fun!

      Can be played at night using Speedminton® night-play accessories.

      PURE FUN: No net no rules no limits
      OUTDOOR: The ultimate beach experience
      INNOVATION: The new HELI Speeder™ - Made in Germany
      NIGHTPLAY: Play in the Dark with SpeedLights
      QUALITY: Highest Standard by Speedminton®


      • 2 Speedminton® FUN rackets
      • 1 HELI Speeder™
      • 1 FUN Speeder™
      • 2 SpeedLights