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      Electric Mountain Bikes

      Electric Mountain Bikes

      Who rides an ebike?

      At first glance, an ebike for offroading might seem counterintuitive or extravagant. Doesn’t having assistance defeat that point of mountain biking? We see many people exploring these high-tech bicycles because of their love of outdoor riding, but they’re looking for help.

      Injury and age support

      If you’ve gone through injuries or you’re at an age where off road cycling has become a challenge, an ebike can keep you in the sport. Many riders have gone through knee, hip or joint injuries, and a pedal-assist bike can give you the extra power you need. An electric bike can give you the thrill of an intense ride without suffering for it.

      Ride further for longer

      Just like a conventional e-bike, an electric mountain bike gives you the added riding strength on the hill. Let’s face it, you want to enjoy the down hill more than the uphill, so a little peddle-assist might just get you a couple more runs out of your day. Several models also have interchangeable batteries that are easy to replace, meaning you can swap out as one battery begins to lose power and charge it up.

      Things to keep in mind

      There are some drawbacks you need to be aware of when considering an e-mountain bike. Firstly, they’re heavier than a non-electric alternative due to the components and battery to the tune of a few pounds more. Also, more components mean more things that can be damaged. So if you’re a rough-rider, you may want a simpler unit.