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      Fat Bikes

      Fat Bikes

      What is a fat bike?

      Simply put, a fat bike is a bicycle with extra-wide tires and expanded front forks and rear frame. These have become more and more popular for Canadian riders who deal with long winters yet want to still safely travel the icy conditions. These aren’t a one season ride however, as you’ll find the extra wide tires giving you exceptional traction on trails and other off-road scenarios.

      Pros and Cons of Fat Biking

      On the upside, you’ll have amazing control on all surface types with the wider tires. Riders often say that fat bikes give a much smoother ride than a conventional mountain bike. The trade off for this control and comfort is weight. The tires of a fat bike weigh more than conventional bikes, making them harder work to pedal.

      Serious Riders Only?

      Fat bikes are good for every level of rider. The control and safety of a fat tire make them great for beginners, particularly in more challenging trail environments. Experienced riders love that wider tires mean they can bike year-around and not have to hang up their wheels for the winter.

      Made for Alberta

      We know the unpredictability of Western Canada weather. One day is nice, the next there’s a foot of snow. United is located in Edmonton, the heart of Alberta, and we can appreciate the versatility of a fat bike. There’s been a surge in interest in fat bicycles for the past several years as more people want to enjoy riding all year. Visit us at United and we’ll help you take one for a test ride.