What is Bauer GAMEFIT™?

Our in store GAME FIT™ experience is versatile and comprehensive. Giving every player, no matter their skill level, the ability to fit each piece of equipment to their comfort, playing style and ensuring the correct fit. Using an iPad and 3D scanners, our experts will analyze your measurements and use their industry leading knowledge to get you into the right family, model, and size of gear that we currently have in stock. 

Here at United Sport & Cycle, we are one of few sports stores in the Edmonton and surrounding areas that carries a full supply of game fit equipment, along with trained hockey experts that will be sure to get you in the perfect fit.

The GAMEFIT™ Process


Your skates can either make or break your performance on the ice. Having skates fit you perfectly will elevate your game and allow you to use your skates to their full potential.

Bauer’s 3DSkate Lab technology uses a 7-point measuring system that considers width, length, depth, and potential hotspots on your foot to find the perfect fit for you. The GAME FIT™ system uses all this data to make a tailored recommendation of both the family and the model of skate that would be best for you. With all these variables accounted for, you can get a skate fit that is adapted to your foot, as opposed to having to adapt your foot to fit the skate you want.


If your current stick is not performing the way you would like it to then coming to see our team and using the GAME FIT™ system is a no brainer. 

You shoot, we record, and you will be provided with a stick that is meant for you. Bauer Game Fit tech allows our experts to analyze your shooting motion in real time to determine which stick is best for you.

The first step of the process is entering your height and weight to determine a recommended flex. Next you'll take some shots in our store's shooting lane, where we'll evaluate your full range of motion. Once the Game Fit System analyzes your shot, it picks out your perfect stick and flex.


Your helmet needs to fit properly to keep you protected while playing the game you love. Helmet fitting is taking it one step further into the future with Bauer GAME FIT™ System.

Our hockey professionals use the Bauer GAME FIT™ System to take a full scan of a player’s head. Combined with detailed performance goals and player information, our experts can get a full picture of the perfect helmet for you. The system zeros in on different fit points on the player’s head to provide the best helmet option for the player, and also give recommendations on the ideal size and freeform adjustment settings.

We will also provide you with the different characteristics of each helmet model, along with the different cage options.


Here at United, we have the Bauer GAME FIT™ technology in house to help you get all your protective gear fit specifically to you. Our Team has years of experiencing fitting hockey equipment. They are very knowledgeable about Bauer equipment and how the sizing works for each product.

The new Bauer GAME FIT™ System will give you a front and side profile measurement and then automatically tailor your shopping experience to gear that is the right size for you. This will depend on personal preference of how you like your equipment to fit, and we will help you find the right gear.

Come in store and get GAMEFIT™ by one of our experts.

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