Repair Details

Re-lace Gloves

  • Re-lace pocket: $45.00/glove 
  • Re-lace catchers pocket: $50.00/glove
  • Re-lace fingers: $45.00/glove
  • Re-lace cuff: $45.00/glove
  • Tighten lace on whole glove: $40.00/glove
  • Re-lace all mains: $135.00/glove

*Minimum prices shown

Note: All mains refers to the high impact areas. This includes the thumb and index finger as well as the finger and the pocket. Re-lacing the cuff is not included.

Re-grip Bats

  • Re-grip bat (grip not included): $12.00/bat

*Minimum prices shown

Note: Re-grip service is free with a grip purchase.


Batting Cages

United offers batting cages so you can get the feel of your next baseball or softball bat before stepping up to the plate on game day. Choose from our wide selection of top brands and models, hit off a tee, and ensure you are leaving with your perfect bat.


Glove Steaming and Break in

Our expert baseball and softball staff can professionally steam your glove - free of charge with a new glove purchase. Glove steaming takes minutes and can soften the leather, relax seams, and shape the pocket. This immediately improves your gloves playability and ensures you are ready to hit the field without weeks of break-in time.