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      eBikes (Electric Bikes)

      We’ve got an eBike for every type of rider: electric mountain bikes for the trail riders, electric hybrid and commuter bikes for the daily ride to work, electric cruiser and electric comfort bikes for laid back summer rides, electric fat bikes for the Winter rider, electric road bikes for the aspiring time trial rider, and electric folding bikes for those people who might be short on space! Shop our extensive eBike collection today!


      "Looking to spice up your ride? Try an eBike! An eBike can add an extra dimension to your bike ride that you might be missing. Here are some reasons why you might want to dive in and purchase an eBike: 

      You're looking for a different way to commute.

      An eBike can provide the best of both worlds when commuting. You’re able to navigate around traffic jams, spend less time worrying about where to park, and feel good about your carbon footprint. Worried about showing up to work with no energy? Turn up the pedal assist and glide into work looking as fresh as a daisy. With our extensive selection of electric commuter and comfort bikes, you can pick a bike that’s perfect for the morning dash to work, a weekend ride with the family, or the evening shopping run. 

      You want to make relaxed rides even more relaxed.

      Spend less time pedaling and more time enjoying the scenery. An electric cruiser or comfort bike allows you to focus on making memories down a peaceful trail in the summer without worrying about which gear you should be changing to for the upcoming hill. Tune the pedal assist just right and sit back and enjoy the ride.

      You want to supercharge your trail riding.

      With an electric mountain bike, you can savour the uphill ride just as much as the downhill ride. Use the pedal assist to give yourself a boost up inclines or an extra burst of speed down a flat section of the trail. We have electric mountain bikes in both hardtail and full suspension varieties so you can truly customize your riding experience. "