During the 70’s, Reg let his children take the lead while he pursued other interests and stayed on in a mentorship role. United Cycle moved back onto 82nd Avenue, to the location that was to be their home for almost 25 years. The move allowed them to expand in motorcycles, hockey, team sales, and ball. The mid-70’s saw a boom in bicycles, with the popularity of the 10-speed racing style bike. There was an evolution in the technology and design of sports equipment with a greater emphasis on protection.

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Rod Brooks joined the business full time in 1975. Edmonton hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1978, which left Commonwealth Stadium and the Coliseum as legacies.

The Old Strathcona Foundation was formed as a starting point for the rejuvenation of this unique area. Citizens decided that the historic downtown of the old city of Strathcona was worth preserving. A huge freeway project that had been planned through the center of Strathcona was stopped. The public resistance saved both Strathcona and the River Valley. It was the beginning of “Old Strathcona” – one of Canada’s success stories in urban revitalization. Storefronts were restored, sidewalks upgraded, and lamps, benches, banners, and trees were installed.


United Cycle purchased the old Safeway building (10352-82 Ave.) and moved the motorcycle service department into this building and the Tool Town location.


The front was opened up between these two buildings, and the retail operation of United Cycle was moved back onto Whyte Avenue. Now everything (bicycles, sporting goods, motorcycles) was back under one roof. There was a major shift in daily business duties from the second to third Brooks’ generation with this move.


With the motorcycle business booming, the old Vets Sheet Metal building (8101 – 104 Street) was rented for parts and service. This led to extensive renovations – remembered as a true Brooks family collaboration with Reg, Wilf, Rod, Joe Bots, wives, sisters, mothers, and all the little ones in the fray!


Rod Brooks joined United Cycle full time.

1970s facts

  • Population of Edmonton: 450,000

  • Prime Minister: Pierre Elliott Trudeau

  • Average annual income: $13,600

  • Average cost of a bike: $100

  • Average cost of skates: $65

  • Skates sharpened: $1.00

  • New trends included: electronic adding machines, cash registers and the VCR appeared

  • Beverly Hillbillies and The Tonight Show premiered on TV

  • Edmonton hosted 1978 Commonwealth Games