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      Goal Gear

      Make your goal gear one a kind! Choose your team colors— create something 100% unique and 100% you, all while ensuring top quality and performance. Express your unique style of play with equipment that is as unique as you.

      Supreme 2S Pro Customizer

      Supreme pads feature a single break below the knee with a stiff, fused boot for goalies who like technical movements.


      Vapor 2X Pro Customizer

      Vapor pads have a double break above and below the knee with a soft boot flex – perfect for agile, reactive goalies.


      Custom goal gear wait times vary, however, Bauer gear averages between 10-12 weeks.

      To get your custom gear ordered, find out about pricing, or to answer any questions you may have, please reach out to our goal loft or email them at goal@unitedsport.ca and they will gladly help you out!