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      Custom hockey goalie experience

      New York Rangers Goalie Henrik Lundqvist Shows Off His Bauer Custom Goalie Pads, Trapper, Blocker, and Stick

      Why should you go custom? 

      Custom goalie equipment allows you to make your goalie gear one-of-a-kind. You can choose your favourite brand, model, style and incorporate your team colours to create something 100% unique and 100% you. With the ability to shape and adjust every spec of your equipment will ensure you are meeting all your needs. 

      How long does it take to get my order? 

      Custom equipment wait times will vary in season to the off-season. Each brand will have different wait times depending on the volume of orders they have. It is important to order your gear early to ensure you are getting all your equipment ready in time for the upcoming season. 

      Why should you order your custom gear through us? 

      We have trained experts in the store that not only know the product but also know the game. They can assist you by explaining the value and importance of different specs and create equipment that fits all your needs. 

      How does the process work? 

      Step 1:
      Select the brand and model of choice below.
      Step 2:
      Customize your equipment, pick the colour design you want and edit the specs to fit your needs.
      Step 3:
      If you are satisfied with your design and equipment details, email us your reference number or spec sheet depending on the supplier at goal@unitedsport.ca. We will then review your specs and colours and have you sign off on your final design. Once that is complete, we will submit your custom order.

      Need help? Come in store and get properly fitted by one of our experts at our goal loft.

      Shop Bauer Hockey Goalie Pad Trapper Blocker Customizer Edmonton Canada

      Supreme Mach Pro

      Customize now
      Bauer Vapor Goalie Equipment Customizer Pads Trappers Blockers Edmonton Canada

      Vapor HyperLite Pro

      Customize now

      Custom goalie gear wait times vary, however, Bauer gear currently averages 10-12 weeks.

      To get your custom gear ordered, find out about pricing, or answer any questions you may have, come down in-store to talk to one of our experts or reach out to our Goal Loft by email at goal@unitedsport.ca and they will gladly assist you.

      Custom goalie showcase

      Try before you buy

      Hockey Goalie Demo Equipment Pads Trapper Blocker Rental Edmonton Canada

      We understand it takes time to find the ideal goalie equipment that fits your needs – that’s why we’ve created our goalie equipment demo rental program to allow you to try the equipment before you buy. We provide a variety of brands in intermediate and senior sizing to allow you to test out which ever product you are interested in. This program requires a deposit for the equipment; however, it will be given back when the equipment is returned. The program does not require you to commit to buying any of the products you try, it is simply to help you find the right gear for you.

      Rent our demo goalie equipment