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      Why should I get custom skates? 

      There is nothing better than lacing up your new Custom skates that are made specifically for your foot as well as for your game! Here at United, you can choose your favourite pair of skates from Bauer, CCM, or True. There are many reasons as to why players invest in custom skates, from fit and function, to cosmetic. Options include, but not limited to, customizing your own fit, eyelets, colorway, flex rating, liner, tongue, laces, blade, and even personalization name and number on the boot.

      How long will my custom skates take? 

      Wait times vary in season to off season. On average, the wait time for custom skates is 5-6 weeks, however, it is always better to order them sooner in case adjustments need to be made, or if there is a higher volume of orders before the hockey season takes off. 

      Skate Fit Guarantee

      We’re committed to finding you a skate you feel comfortable in, and we are willing to stand behind that guarantee. If you leave with your custom skates and are unsatisfied with the results of them; we are committed to finding the right skates for you! So much so, that we guarantee it! We know that skating in a new pair of skates is much different from just walking around the house. This means that we will make sure you are satisfied with the skates you purchase even after you have properly tested them on the ice.  

      United Sport & Cycle Advantage 

      We are hockey players, that are fitting players – this means that we are determined to find you the right fit not only for your foot but for your play style, as well as your budget. Our experienced skate fitters are fully trained to understand the customization process and will be fully capable to answer any questions you have throughout the process. 

      Services included in your new skate purchase:

      We customize your new skates to fit you by heating them up and allowing the boot to shape around your feet, this helps you achieve a customized fit. 

      Most skates these days come with thermos-formable materials, which, when heated up, allow us to adjust the fit of the skate to accommodate each skater’s unique foot.

      - It enables your technician to customize your new skates to your foot to improve the fit
      - When the skates are warm, they become soft and can form around your individual foot
      - It helps to cut down on the break-in period, which will improve your overall comfort.

      Heat fitting is included with all our new or used skate purchases. Please note: Manufacturers suggest that you do not use skates that have been thermos-formed for a minimum of 12 hours, do keep this in mind when you’re planning your next visit.

      If you bought your skates from another skate shop, and they are not fitting right. Please feel free to come down and visit our skate experts and they will help you make your skates fit right.

      We have all the brands and technology here in store to help you create your custom skates. Read more about the different brands below to get an idea of which brand would be best for you.