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      School Sales

      Our seamless approach to helping you manage your uniform and equipment needs is unrivalled. We understand the hard work and effort you and your volunteers put in to ensure your students thrive both athletically and academically. For all your school’s major sports teams, spirit wear and graduation apparel to branded staff apparel, our job is to make your job easier. We’ve also got a few tricks up our sleeve to help you quietly fundraise at the same time.

      Champion Co-branding is available to the following types of customers with no additional approvals from Champion:

      • University + College Campus Stores
      • Official University + College Teams
      • Public Elementary or High School Apparel - Ex. Grad, Team, or Spirit Wear
      • Kids under 13 Club/Rec Sports Teams

      Champion Co-Branding is available to the following types of customers with approval from Champion:

      (This includes sending the details of request along with a link to the team/club website for review and approval)

      • Teen or Adult Club/Recreation Sports Teams
      • Professional Teams

      360 Athletics offers a wide variety of physical education equipment, whether you are needing to upgrade some gym equipment or looking for a fun new game to teach your students, 360 athletics has it all!

      Champion is a sportswear brand that has strong roots with the school community when it comes to spirit wear, so much so that they have developed a co-branding program that most schools are able to partake in. Checkout the co-branding program above!

      SanMar is a brand that covers all a school’s apparel needs whether you are looking to outfit your students in branded P.E apparel or outfit staff in apparel they can wear to represent the school, they have it all!