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      Accufli Floorball+ A70 Floorball Stick

      The FloorballPlus+ A70 stick is an innovative performance stick designed with Pavel Barber with the Hockey player in mind...every detail...from the grip, the shaft, and the newly engineered A1 Blade is 100% Hockey Centric.

      We always wanted a great Off-Ice Floorball stick for HKY training that combined all the wonderful attributes of a durable Floorball stick, with the characteristics, look and feel, needed for ultimate HKY development.

      This is the most solid Floorball+ HKY stick on the market. It provides great value, durability, stickhnadling, passing and shot performance. This is THE Off-Ice Training - Floorball Stick for Hockey players of all ages and abilities.

      The A70 Stick is a 7.0 or 70cm sized stick that is designed for athletes under 4'.

      The Shaft Flex is 26mm : Regular Stiff (R/S)