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      What is skate profiling? 

      Skate profiling is the process of shaping your blades to determine how much contact your steel will have with the ice. Proper profiling will provide better balance, maneuverer ability, and overall speed. Determining which profile is best for you correlates to which type of player you are. Profiling will allow you to use your skates to their full potential and strengthen your overall performance on the ice. 

      Benefits of precision balance

      - Injury reduction
      - Controlled leg extension
      - Increased stability
      - Increased lateral movement
      - Increased power
      - Reduced fatigue
      - Improved balance
      - Increased agility
      - Increased speed

      What effect does it have on my body? 

      A skate blade has a radius, which runs from the front to the back. If one blade assembly is mounted further ahead on the sole plate (or boot) than the other, numerous things happen. The apex or high points of the blades are in different locations under each foot. This causes balance problems and forces the skater to be back on their heels. This means that the skater must overpower the skate to have knee bend and to drive off the big toe. This also induces fatigue much sooner.
      Pelvic misalignment can also be induced when on blade is mounted ahead of the other: remember that the body is standing on a piece of radiused steel with all the weight being applied at only one end. The blade that is mounted further than the other blade will roll back into the rear radius further than the other blade. This created misalignment as the actual height of the soleplate from the ice is reduced in relation to the other skate.

      How often should I get my skates profiled? 

      Industry leaders recommend you get your skates profiled three times in a season. We recommend that the best time to schedule these profiles and tune-ups is to plan to get them at the start of the hockey season, again at the midway point, and once closer to the end of the season so you can be ready for playoffs. 

      Cost for skate blade profiling: $45 per session

      Difference between sharpening & skate profiling? 

      When you get your hockey skates sharpened, you are altering the hollow of the blade depending on your preference. On the other hand, profiling is altering the whole blade's radius to adjust which parts of the steel are contacting the ice. Changing the radius depends on the type of player you are and how you perform. 

      Come down and visit us in-store and talk to one of our hockey experts to get fitted. If you have any questions about Skate Blade Profiling, feel free to call us at 780-433-1181, email us at sports@unitedsport.ca or engage us via live chat on our website. 

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