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      Speedminton Fun Speeder®(3 pack)

      The Fun Speeder® is the starter Speeder® designed for short distances and recreational play. Invented in Germany Speeders® are high-tech wonders. Their Weight and design make them even more aerodynamic than a badminton bird. They offer less wind resistance thanks to their higher Weight and Smaller streamlined basket so they achieve greater distances and a more precise fLight path. Includes 2 Wind Rings. Wind Rings Weight 2 grams and makes the Speeder more wind resistant at every time of year. Just roll the ring over the cap of the Speeder and let the fun continue

      • Weight: 7.0 grams
      • Travels distances up to 80 feet
      • Speed: up to 160 mph


      What is Speedminton 

      Speedminton GmbH founded in 2002 has combined the best of Tennis Squash and Badminton into a game that you can play anywhere: Crossminton!

      Its simple rules make the sport attractive to hardcore players and recreational athletes alike - anyone who can hold a racquet! Whether competition or freestyle: Crossminton is a game with no limits. 

      The game is very easy to set up and there is no net required; the court is composed of two 18 ft x 18 ft squares with a distance of 42 ft in between. The Speeder® (birdie) is designed for indoor and outdoor play.



      Rather than a tennis ball or a shuttlecock (or birdie) a “Speeder®” is used in Crossminton. A Speeder® is shaped like a shuttlecock but is half the height and double the Weight with a high density rubber end.