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      Gilbert USA Replica Rugby Ball

      Gilbert have designed a full range of International Replica Balls for a huge selection of countries across the globe.

      Introducing the USA Replica Ball. This replica ball is modelled on the exact ball used in their international games, and is an ideal way to support your country in the lead up to the Rugby World Cup 2019.

      The USA Rugby Union team are currently 12th in the world and nicknamed the Eagles. They have taken part in every Rugby World Cup bar one and are set to showcase their talent this year in the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

      The USA Replica Ball acts as the perfect memorabilia for your favourite rugby nation. This ball has been fitted with a synthetic latex bladder for excellent air retention which ensures it remains inflated for the maximum length of time.

      The replica range also acts as a great gift for the top USA rugby fan, great for backyard rugby with its standard grip and rubber compound surface for practicing your skills outside of training.