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      Lebert Equalizer

      Lerbert Equalizers are the most stable bars without sacrificing the benefits of instability.

      The most versatile exercise package on the market.
      • Over 100 body-weight strength exercises for the beginner to the advanced
      • Full Body Workout - This high-quality functional fitness dip stand station with stabilizing challenger bars is perfect for full body bodyweight resistance exercises such as dips, push and pull ups, L-sits, knee and leg raises, stretches and more

      The most stable bars without sacrificing the benefits of stability.

      • Wide feet to height ratio make the EQualizers stable enough for the toughest of Boot Camps
      • Each iron bar features a durable solid foam grip and supports up to 400 pounds
      • Separate bars are a critical design element…instability provides the necessary bio-feedback to let you know if you are doing the exercise correctly – you DON’T put training wheels on a balance ball!
      • Dimensions:  28.5"H x 25"W
      • Each bar weighs 8 pounds