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      CCM Senior G1.9 Goalie Cup

      The CCM G1.9 Goalie Jock is molded single cup protection and is lined with soft comfort padding. The waist is adjustable and has foam protection built into the waistband.

      Cup Protection
      The CCM G1.9 Goal Jock is a molded single cup design, and has soft comfort padding around the jock protection. This helps alleviate the feeling of the jock digging in to your legs.

      The adjustable waist of the CCM G1.9 Goal Jock makes the fit customizable. There is also foam protection built into the front side of the waist band to offer more protection.

      Sizes & Colors
      The Senior sized CCM G1.9 Goal Jock is adjustable, and fits between a 30” and 38” waist.