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      COREFX Dual Surface Gliders

      COREFX Dual Surface Gliders have layered felt for gliding on hard surfaces and detachable ABS plastic bases for gliding on carpet. Work on your core strength with the gliders on your hands knees or feet while performing a variety of exercises from push-ups to mountain-climbers. These gliders feature unique textured foam cushion to provide traction and support. Keep the gliders together while traveling with a light mesh carry-case.

      • Train your core: Place the gliders under your hands feet or knees to strengthen and tone your upper and lower body.
      • Unique foam grip: Provides a layer of cushioning support and traction.
      • Includes: Two sliders two plastic bases and a carry bag to keep it all together.
      • Get your 6-pack: Whether it’s for sports or the beach build your core strength with fun and challenging exercises featuring COREFX Gliders.