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      COREFX Mini Band Set

      The COREFX Mini Band Set will help you to stretch tone and strengthen exactly the areas that you want. incorporate the min band into a Wide range of exercises to turn up the dial on your workout. Take them to the gym use them at Home or bring them with you when you travel so that you can always give yourself the challenge you need. 

      The COREFX Mini Bands Set features three bRightly colored bands with a Light Medium and strong resistance levels and a carrying bag. Inside your package you will also receive a unique code giving you access to COREFX’s education platform. Access their workouts at Home or on-the-go and let them guide you step by step through glute ab arm core and many more exercises.

      • Strengthen tone & stretch: Target muscle groups with precision. 
      • For beginner or advanced athletes: Set includes Light Medium and strong resistance bands that can be combined for greater impact. 
      • Portable and Versatile: Each band folds or rolls up and can be stored in the included carrying bag. 
      • Quality tested and inspected: COREFX mini bands are made from all natural premium-grade rubber 
      • Train with COREFX: Each set comes with access to the COREFX interactive education platform that visually demonstrate 10 routines designed specifically to maximize use of their mini bands.

      The FX Index

      The FX INDEX was developed to help athletes and trainers Replace the fitness gear they need based on the demands of training sessions. Identifying the key benefits of each sports conditioning tool has never been easier; the FX INDEX will show you a comprehensive list of the primary training goals that are achievable when you incorporate a specific piece of equipment into your training. Whether you’re looking for a simple training solution or a complex versatile tool that will push athletes to their absolute peak  this guide is designed to help you gear up with the best COREFX products custom suited to your overall training needs.