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      COREFX Resistance Parachute

      The COREFX Resistance Parachute allows athletes to add the element of wind resistance to their sports conditioning training. With its 54" diameter chute the COREFX Resistance Parachute quickly catches wind and will add resistance to any movement. For an even more challenging workout athletes can wear multiple COREFX Resistance Parachutes and catch even more wind! The extra durable parachute design and adjustable waist belt are designed for use on the field as well as on the ice. 

      Every COREFX Resistance Parachute includes an adjustable belt ultra-strong parachute with nylon webbing connections and a carry bag for easy storage! Push your speed performance to the max with the COREFX Resistance Parachute. 

      Fitness Equipment Features: 

      • 1 x COREFX Resistance Parachute with nylon webbing connectors
      • 1 x Adjustable waist belt
      • 1 x Carry Bag
      • 54" Diameter 36" lead