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      Goldline Head First Protective Curling Baseball Hat

      Head First

      Falls happen to even the most seasoned curlers but don't worry, Goldline's exclusive Head First protective headgear is specifically designed to reduce injury while incorporating popular styles.

      The protective component is made of the same strong material as bicycle helmets - expanded polystyrene (EPS).

      The EPS is sandwiched between a thin polycarbonate outer shell and an inner layer of foam - in the even of a fall deceleration is managed as the EPS is crushed. 

      Head First and CSA Approval

      There is currently no test standard specific to headgear that protects only in the event of a fall onto the back of the head. Biokinetics an Ottawa-based testing company suggested that the impact test from the CSA hockey helmet standard was the closest relevant test to simulate a fall to the ice. Therefore the impact test from the CSA ice hockey helmet standard was used to test the Head First line of products. The Head First headgear passed this impact test.