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      Rapid Aid Deluxe Reusable Hot & Cold  Compress

      A staple in every medicine cabinet, our Reusable Hot & Cold Compress helps treat everything from sports injuries to headaches to general aches and pains.

      The deluxe version of our economical Hot & Cold Compress, this pack is filled with more Contour-Gel.

      The gel molds to the body and always stays flexible, even when frozen, to calm inflammation fast.


      Cold Therapy – For immediate injury treatment

      • Relieves aches & pains: Reduces inflammation and muscle spasms
      • Reduces swelling & bruising: Helps soothe pain by reducing blood flow to the area
      • Numbs the sore area: Works effectively to reduce pain


      Hot Therapy – For ongoing pain & stiffness

      • Encourages quick recovery: Increases blood flow to help heal damaged tissue faster
      • Soothes stiff joints: Improves flexibility and helps improve mobility
      • Eases muscle aches: Adds comfort to muscles and calms soreness
      • Delivers approximately -2°C/28°F of cold therapy when stored in the freezer and 43.5°C/110°F after microwaved
      • Flexible/moldable, even when frozen
      • The perfect size to use just about anywhere on the body from head to toe