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      StringKing Type 2S Semi-Soft Lacrosse Mesh

      Found the perfect head and shaft well no perfect stick is complete without the perfect mesh kit. Make sure you are taking your game to most advanced level possible by upgrading the piece of your stick that touches the ball the most. String King mesh will provide you with the most responsive yet forgiving mesh available.


      • Light: Our P2™ fibers allow us to make a light, thin mesh weighing in at only 30 grams.
      • Tight: Manufactured using new patent-pending TITE™ technology. Tighter lacrosse mesh improves Pocket Focus™ guaranteeing superior ball control and accuracy.
      • Strong: The same P2™ fibers that make our Type 2 mesh lighter also make it more than twice as durable. So you can play harder, faster and longer knowing your pocket won’t change.