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      Wheels Manufacturing Inc. #87 Derailleur Hanger

      Fits Colnago:   
      2009 Ferrari, EPS, CLX, CX, Master X, C50
      2008 Arte, C50, CLX, Cross CO, Extreme Series

      Fits DeRosa:   
      2009 Idol, 3-THL

      Fits Fondriest:   
      2010 MX4

      Fits Marin:   
      2008 San Marina, Stelvio
      2007 Stelvio, San Marino

      Fits Masi:   

      Fits Norco:   
      2008 CCX

      Fits Ridley:   
      2009 Asteria, Crosswind, Pegasus, Damocles, Helium

      Fits Teschner:   
      2008 Diva, Euro Pro, Race Pro