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      Goalie Equipment Demo Program

      Demo Program and Rental Goalie Equipment Including Pads, Trappers, and Blockers Edmonton

      Try Before you Buy

      We understand it takes time to find the right goalie equipment for you— that's why we've created the demo program! Take the gear you've been drooling over out for a spin!

      To book your demo gear rental, or ask questions, please email our Goalie Loft below!


      Hockey Goalie Equipment Available for Demo:

      Junior OptionsIntermediate OptionsSenior OptionsSenior OptionsSenior Options
      Bauer GSXBauer Supreme 3SBauer Supreme UltraSonicBrian's Optik 2True L20.1
      Small Goalie PadsExtra-Small Goalie PadsExtra-Small Goalie Pads32+1 Goalie Pads33+2 Goalie Pads
      Large Goalie Pads
      Large Goalie PadsSmall Goalie Pads33+1 Goalie Pads1 Set of Glove/Blocker
      2 Sets of Gloves/Blockers2 Sets of Gloves/BlockersMedium Goalie Pads34+1 Goalie Pads
      Large Goalie Pads3 Sets of Gloves/BlockersVaughn V9

      2 Sets of Gloves/Blockers33+2 Goalie Pads

      CCM AXIS34+2 Goalie Pads

      Bauer Vapor Hyperlite32+2 Goalie Pads2 Sets of Gloves/Blockers

      Extra-Small Goalie Pads33+2 Goalie Pads
      Small Goalie Pads34+2 Goalie PadsVaughn SLR3

      Medium Goalie PadsTwo 590 Gloves w/Blockers32+2 Goalie Pads

      Large Goalie Pads33+2 Goalie Pads

      3 Sets of Gloves/BlockersCCM E-Flex 534+2 Goalie Pads

      32+2 Goalie Pads35+2 Goalie Pads

      Brian's G-Netik IV33+2 Goalie Pads2 Sets of Gloves/Blockers

      32+1 Goalie Pads34+2 Goalie Pads...
      33+1 Goalie Pads35+2 Goalie PadsWarrior R/G5
      34+1 Goalie Pads580 Glove w/Blocker33+1.5 Goalie Pads
      35+1 Goalie Pads590 Glove w/Blocker2 Sets of Gloves/Blockers
      3 Sets of Gloves/Blockers600 Glove w/Blocker...

      True L12.2
      33+2 Goalie Pads
      1 Set of Glove/Blocker

       Demo Program Pricing

      For a refundable deposit and a small daily rental fee per item (details below), you can try out the latest and greatest in hockey goalie equipment!

      So come see us and find your next perfect set of goalie gear!

      While you're picking your demo up, ask our staff for details on how our demo rebate program works if you end up purchasing a new set after taking our demos for a spin!

      Demo Goalie Pads$500 Deposit + $20/Day (Max 3 Days)
      Demo Goalie Glove/Trapper$150 Deposit + $15/Day (Max 3 Days)
      Demo Goalie Blocker$150 Deposit + $15/Day (Max 3 Days)
      Demo and Rental Goalie Equipment Including Pads, Trappers, and Blockers Edmonton