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      Hockey player

      Edmonton's hockey store

      2022-2023 Edmonton, Ab reader's choice sports store

      Before you hit the ice, you need the right gear. We can help with that. Whether you're a sniper looking for a new stick, a shutdown defenceman looking for a new pair of skates, or a power forward looking for a new helmet, we've got you covered. No matter what type of player you are, no matter what level you play at, and no matter where you are in your playing journey, we can help you make the most of it.

      More than just a hockey store

      Custom gear, shooting lanes, and a sharpening shop

      Precision balance skate sharpening

      When you need your skates sharpened, we're your destination.

      Our precision balance sharpening system takes into account variables like blade thickness and hollow radius to make sure your skates can deliver optimal performance on the ice.

      Skate sharpening info
      Precision sharpening in progress at the United Sport and Cycle skate workshop

      Skate blade profiling

      When you get your hockey skates sharpened, you are altering the hollow of the blade. Profiling is altering the whole blade to adjust which parts of the steel are contacting the ice. We'll tailor your skates to the type of player you are and the level you play.

      Come down and ask one of our experts any questions or concerns you may have about
      skate blade profiling!

      Skate profiling info
      United staff member operating a prosharp profiling machine

      Shooting lanes and stick guarantees

      Want to try before you buy? You can demo a stick in our shooting lanes to get the feel for it before making a purchase.

      And if you find a stick that same stick for a lower price, just let us know and we'll not only match the price, but we'll beat it by 10%!

      Hours and location
      United Sport and Cycle's shooting lanes for testing hockey sticks

      Custom fit skates and blade alignment

      We guarantee you'll find the right fit for your skates. We take you through every step of skate fitting from beginning to end so you can get a truly unique fit to get the most out of your skates where it counts: on the ice.

      Our skate fitting experts use heat fitting to make sure that your skate boot fits every contour of your foot right out of the box. They also do a careful blade alignment to make sure that the blade is in the right position so you can get the most performance out of it right away.

      Skate service info
      Blade fitting in progress at the United Sport and Cycle skate workshop

      What's new with hockey?

      CCM's newest pro stick is here: The Jetspeed FT5 Pro. Following the success of the FT4 Pro, the FT5 Pro is now ready to take its place atop CCM's stick lineup. This stick is engineered for speed and effortless scoring ability.

      Hockey essentials

      Baseball bag sold at United Sport and Cycle Shop bags

      Hockey bags

      United has you covered when you're on the move.

      Orange Bauer hockey socks worn by a player on the ice Shop socks

      Hockey socks

      Look good on the rink with our range of hockey socks.

      Batter practicing with a pitching machine Shop tape

      Hockey tape

      You can never have enough hockey tape.

      Bike sunglasses sold at United Sport and Cycle Shop pucks

      Hockey pucks

      Quality pucks individually or in bulk.