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      United Sport and Cycle is Edmonton's favourite bike shop! Thanks for all your votes and continued support. We are committed to the highest quality service and support for all our cycling customers.

      Individual Bike Repair Services

      As Edmonton's longest running bike service and repair shop, we have a wide range of bike repair services. We also have bundled tune up packages that provide comprehensive cleaning and servicing for a great price. For specific bike repairs, you can view our full list of provided services below or contact us to find out more information.

      No Appointment Necessary

      There is no need to book an appoinment for our repair services. Just drop your bike off during our curbside hours or take advantage of our at-home bike pick up and delivery service.

      Current bike repair turnaround is about (4) business days depending on the package selected and how busy the shop is.

      Location Address

      7620 Gateway Blvd NW
      Edmonton, AB, T6E 4Z8

      Get a Free Inspection

      Before starting any work, we will perform a free inspection. We will make a recommendation on required services and get your bike scheduled for tune up and repairs. An inspection and estimate will generally take around (2) business days. No reason not to get your bike in and checked by our experts.

      Have Questions?

      Phone: 780-433-1181

      100% guaranteed bike repairs and servicing.

      Have your bike picked up and delivered for servicing.

      Book a Pickup

      Tune up packages available. Bundle and save!

      Shop Tune Up Package

      Our List of Bike Repair Services

      Don't See Something on the List?

      We are happy to discuss any specific requirements you have. You can visit our repair shop in person at our store location during business hours. You can also have a conversation with a member of our team.

      Location Address

      7620 Gateway Blvd NW
      Edmonton, AB, T6E 4Z8
      Phone: 780-433-1181

      We do Scooter Repairs 

      Repair ServiceRate
      Scooter Grip Tape Swap$42,99
      Scooter Handlebar Swap$21.99
      Scooter Headset Installation$26.99
      Scooter Peg or Wheel Installation$15.99
      Scooter Wheel Bearing Installation$42.99

      From Our Service Customers:

      Our 100% Bike Guarantee

      30 Day Adjustment Guarantee: We guarantee all of our mechanical work and adjustments for a period of 30 days. If you have your bike serviced in the winter or early spring—which we recommend, if you want to avoid the spring rush—we will extend this guarantee to 30 days after April 1.

      Though we can't be held responsible for accidents or incidents that take place when you’re riding, we will do our best to minimize any labour costs to customers if they are involved in a crash or accident shortly after their bike repair or tune up is performed.

      Parts Installation Guarantee: If there is a problem with the function of a part that you have had installed by the Service Department we will make certain that the labour and parts are covered. This is subject to the defective parts in question falling within their manufacturer’s warranty period; however, if we break or damage a part during installation we will replace that part with the same part or an equivalent part at no charge to you.

      Ready to Get Started?

      Drop off your bike during our curbside hours and get a free estimate!

      Location Address

      7620 Gateway Blvd NW
      Edmonton, AB, T6E 4Z8

      Have Questions?

      Our team is available to answer your questions by phone during business hours.

      Phone: 780-433-1181

      Need Transportation?

      Take advantage of our at-home bike pick up and delivery service.