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      Bike parts

      Canada's largest bike part catalogue

      2022-2023 Edmonton, Ab reader's choice bike store

      Fancy tuning up your bike by yourself? We can help get you started! Our parts catalogue caters to every type of rider and every type of bike. Whether you're looking for some new tires, oiling up your chain before a long trail ride, or simply looking to give your bike a thorough cleaning, we're the place to go for everything bike parts!

      More than just a parts shop

      Staff who know the largest bike part catalogue in Canada inside and out

      Expert staff

      Our bike experts can get you pointed in the right direction if you're not sure how to approach a DIY repair. They can point you to the right parts, tools, and methods so you can get back to riding!

      Hours and location
      Smiling United Sport and Cycle parts desk employee

      Bike tune-ups and repairs

      If you're not in a DIY mood, we can tune your bike for you! We offer three different levels of bike tunes for riders. So no matter if you're just looking for a quick tune up before the season or a more in-depth tune for an older bike, we can help.

      Tune-ups and repairs
      United Sport and Cycle's bike repair and tune up desk

      Bike tuning: what you need to know

      Get the lowdown on bike tuning here! It's important to keep your bike running great so you can use it to do more of what you love - riding!

      Other essential bike accessories

      Bike bag sold at United Sport and Cycle Shop bags

      Bike bags

      United has you covered when you're on the go.

      Bike helmet sold at United Sport and Cycle Shop helmets

      Bike helmets

      Stay safe on your daily commute.

      Bike light sold at United Sport and Cycle Shop lights

      Bike lights

      See clearer on dark rides with a bike light.

      Bike sunglasses sold at United Sport and Cycle Shop sunglasses

      Bike sunglasses

      Easy on the eyes in every sense.