Decoration 101

There are a variety of applications when it comes to creating the perfect custom product for your team’s sportswear or corporate attire. Some applications are better suited for certain fabrics than others and depending on the choice of decoration, costs can vary significantly. Also, when deciding what type of decoration to choose it’s important to be aware of timelines and volumes, as each process is different and can alter those circumstances.

As your local Edmonton team & corporate wear retailer, we are happy to personally guide you through the process and provide you with the right information to make the best decision possible.

Below there is information on some of the more common applications that are used for customizing apparel.


Screen Printing

Screen printing appears to be a simple process, but really it is more of a science. The process involves transferring layers of ink into the fabric to achieve a smooth and level finished product. Once the apparel has been decorated with all the elements and colors, it is quickly passed through heat chambers to cure. The benefit of this process is that it makes screen printing one of the more affordable forms of decoration, particularly when large volumes are involved.

Screen printing most commonly is used to customize t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, hoodies, uniforms, coveralls, and athletic apparel.


Embroidery is one of the most popular forms of decoration because of the final product it produces. The final product is a rich and elegant custom logo that will distinguish a business or team from the competition.

The initial stages of embroidery start with a digital logo which is processed by the software and once the machine has been configured it distributes the data at a remarkable speed to create a logo.

Most of the process is completed by the machine, however, there sometimes needs to be some human intervention like adjusting the tension of the thread or watching the thread stitch quality because the machines are spinning at a blinding rate.

Final designs are spectacular in color and there is a distinct richness produced by the texture of the fine thread work. Lastly, any finishing touches include carefully trimming and cleaning the logo to create an even sharper look.


Sublimation is steadily growing in popularity in the world of sportwear and apparel. The limitless customization capabilities and long-term durability make almost every idea possible.

Sublimation is the process of transferring dye to a fabric using heat. The image is printed onto special paper then placed on the garment, then heat and pressure is applied causing the dye to become a vapor and transfer directly into the piece of fabric. The benefits that come from the process are durability, no fading or bleeding of the design because the dye is physical in the fibers of the apparel.

Film & Vinyl Heat Press Application

Film and vinyl transfers are an affordable and creative way to decorate your corporate apparel or sportswear. With new technology, materials and adhesive formulas, film and vinyl have become a reliable solution for customized names, numbers and logos. The film is light weight and versatile with super clean edges, allowing this application to be ideal for performance fabrics.


All jerseys would not be the same without pro-twill applications. Pro-twill offers a highly professional finish to your jerseys, giving it the characteristic that will make your team stand-out from the rest.

Pro-twill is created using a technique that layers material upon each other, the material is either sewn or glued together to form a logo. Once the logo has completed the initial process it can be applied in a couple different ways as well, either being stitched or applied by heat to the apparel or jersey. This is how most logos, patches, and numbers are produced.