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      Edmonton's Warrior experts

      2022-2023 Edmonton, Ab reader's choice sports store

      Are you ready to change the game? United Sport & Cycle is your go to source for Warrior hockey gear. Whether you're a sniper looking for a new stick, a stay at home defenceman looking for a new helmet, or a goalie looking for some new pads, we can help you find what you need.

      Warrior player gear

      Warrior goalie gear

      More than just a Warrior store

      Try before you buy with our in-store shooting lanes

      If you're looking to find the perfect Warrior stick for you, you can demo some in our shooting lanes! Whether you prefer the Alpha's Sabre Taper II design or the Covert's QREDGE Taper, it's important to find out which works for you before you commit.

      Hockey player testing out Warrior sticks at United Sport and Cycle's shooting lanes Hours and location

      What's new with Warrior?

      Check out our spotlight of the Warrior Alpha LX hockey stick. It comes with Warrior's signature Apex grip texture and Saber Taper II construction.

      Hockey essentials and accessories

      Hockey bag sold at United Sport and Cycle Shop training

      Hockey training

      Get an edge with skills and weight training.

      Hockey socks sold at United Sport and Cycle Shop socks

      Hockey socks

      Look good on the rink with our range of hockey socks.

      Hockey tape sold at United Sport and Cycle Shop tape

      Hockey tape

      You can never have enough hockey tape.

      Hockey pucks sold at United Sport and Cycle Shop pucks

      Hockey pucks

      Quality pucks individually or in bulk.