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      CROSSNET Four-Square Volleyball Game

      Enjoy the first official four-way volleyball game Challenge your friends—any place and any time—and set up within minutes in sand or grass!

      Crossnet features a detachable four-way net and is size adjustable for children's, women's, and men's outdoor volleyball heights. The signature net allows you to quickly adjust from four-way competition to traditional volleyball short court play or even three-way skills training. 

      Each purchase comes with a carrying bag pump and volleyball. Want to play indoors? We also have the Crossnet indoor base set, sold separately.

      How Do You Score?

      Points are scored by remaining in square #4 for a volley. A point is scored when any player besides the player in square #4 hits the ball out-of-bounds or misplays the ball.  Only the player in square #4 can score a point.

      How Do You Win?

      The first player to 11 total points wins.  A player must win by 2 points.

      Where Do You Serve From?

      Player #4 serves from any section of his/her out-of-bounds square diagonally to the player #2. From there, the #2 can return the serve to any player. 

      Can You Return The Serve To Anyone?

      After the player in square 2 receives the serve they are allowed to return ball to any square.

      Can You Spike?

      Yes, you are allowed to spike. However, spiking on the return of the serve is not allowed.

      If The Ball Hits The Net On The Serve What Happens?

      If the ball hits the net and lands in square 2 it is a let. Person in square 4 may redo the serve. Only one let allowed per set.

      If the ball hits the net and lands outside of square 2, the person in square 4 is eliminated and returns to the square 1 or to the back of line.

      Can You Reach Over The Net To Hit It?

       After making an attack hit you are allowed to pass your hand beyond the net but the contact must have been made within your own playing space.

      How Many Touches Do You Have?

      You only have one touch with your hands. After that you are allowed to make contact with the ball with any other body part other than your hands (I.e. feet and head).

      Can Crossnet be played in doubles?

      Yes, we also carry the Crossnet Doubles Net, which allows 8 or more players to play at once.

      Can Crossnet be played in the water?

      Yes, we also carry the Crossnet H20 Four-Square Volleyball Game, which allows you to take Crossnet to the pool or lake!