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      CCM Junior Speedblade XS Player Black Steel Runner

      The Step Blacksteel SpeedBlade XS Runners feature carbon-coated nano-particles to ensure a fine, hard edge for the most vigorous and unanticipated turns of the game. With a mirror finish, the blade enhances glide quality and improves durability. The redefined high-precision profile offers players a better turning radius, increased longevity of the blade, and an impressive, superior glide.

      The surface of Step Blacksteel blade is coated with a layer of carbon nanoparticles to create an incredibly fine, hard edge. Like a high-quality knife, there are no burrs on the edge when sharpened. The mirror finish, obtained by heavily polishing the steel, enhances glide quality. The blade's hard edge withstands bangs and impacts and lasts longer— a real plus when the action gets intense.