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      CCM Senior 910 Hockey Player Helmet

      The CCM Tacks 910 Helmet features unique Fluid-Inside Pods.

      Thanks to these new squishy pods strategically placed in the liner—combined with rate sensitive D3O® Smart Material—you can expect an elite level of protection to dissipate impact and manage all types of impacts.

      Not only does the Tacks 910 helmet provide great protection, but it also has a great fit: A tool-free fit adjustment feature is sturdy and allows for the ultimate adjustment bringing it closer together or further apart.

      The I.Q Shion gel memory foam comfort liner gives pro-level comfort that support the occipital bone at the back of your head. This keeps the helmet in a good position to face any impact that comes your way.

      Ready to upgrade your game? Get yours in-store or online today!


      Fluid Inside Pod Matrix and D3O® Technology- Designed for elite level of protection to distribute impact energy and help manage all types of impacts thanks to the pods strategically placed within the liner, combined with rate sensitive D3O® Smart Material.


      I.Q.Shion Gel Memory Foam Comfort Liner and Dual Density Molded Foams with Smooth Contour Edge- Offers a pro level of comfort and fit with the added benefit of sweat management properties at the front.


      Active Stabilizer and Tool-Free Adjustment System- Self adjusting occipital support cushion and easy front-to-back side adjustment with a wider size ranger for a customized snug fit.


      Optimized Aesthetics and Reinforced Side Impact Frame- Pro-approved look with new structure stiffness for added protection on sides.