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      CCM Senior Super Tacks X Hockey Player Helmet

      Want to play better hockey? The Super Tacks X Helmet will help you play your best hockey from start finish while offering premium protection and comfort!

      The world's first 3D printed hockey helmet, this helmet not only protects you, but helps you perform at your best.

      The unique 3D printed Nest Tech liner keeps your head cool and feeling great due to its unmatched maximum airflow. Incredible breathability leaves you feeling less sweaty, with more energy, and with a clearer head to keep your performance at its peak!

      Premium comfort and fit comes from the Nest Tech liner that conforms and wraps your head in a soft continuous unparalleled fit.

      As for protection: the Nest Tech 3D printed lattice components are tuned with variable densities at precise locations throughout the liner to help distribute all types of hockey impacts in key areas.

      A hybrid base liner constructed with strategically placed D3O® smart material for added impact absorption and multi-density foams for extra protection throughout.

      So, what are you waiting for? Get yours in-store or online today!


      Nest Tech 3D Printed Liner + D3O®- innovative leading-edge 3D printed continuous fit liner is tuned with different geometries to best manage and help absorb all types of impacts in key locations. Rate sensitive D3O® Smart Material further helps distribute impact energy.


      Nest Tech Liner + Multi-Density Foams - Offers the ultimate comfortability and fit as it conforms the shape of your head like no other liner has.


      Tool-free Front-to-Back Adjustment System- Easy to use front-to-back side adjustment with a wider size range for a customized snug fit.


      Sleek Aesthetics and Reinforced Side Impact Frame- A pro-approved look with structure stiffness for added protection on sides.