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      CCM Senior Tacks AS-V Hockey Player Elbow Pad

      Backed by science, Tacks protection has been tested & validated in the renowned CCM lab to ensure quality and functionality. Designed to offer max protection while enhancing mobility. Players will feel strong, confident, and ready to grind game after game.

      Anatomical Shield Design. With protection at the forefront, the all-new ASD technology provides ultra comfort and customizable fit letting you feel your best while intimidating the opponent.

      • Max Coverage ASD 2 Piece Flexmotion Construction: New design is engineered to offer a great level of coverage that follows the body’s natural shape while allowing for maximum protection without sacrificing mobility.
      • Slash Shield + Sublimated Liner: Injection molded forearm guard offers premium protection and comfort feel.
      • JDP Cap + D3O® Inside + Molded EVA Foam Cover: Elite-level elbow cap designed to disperse impact force away from the elbow while D3O® helps absorb shock and impact inside the pad.
      • 2 Piece floating articulated + reinforced bicep guard. Flexmotion bicep construction with elite-level protection and superior fit and comfort.
      • Adptfit Middle Lock Strap + 360° Wraparound Forearm Strap: Keep your elbow pad snugly in place while providing great freedom of movement.
      • Anatomical Fit Donut: Interior padding for added comfort.