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      STORELLI Senior BodyShield Soccer Goalkeeper Slider Shorts

      Storelli BodyShield Slider shorts are designed for lightweight mobility during competitive soccer matches. Innovative impact-absorbing foam protects against turf burns and extreme impact you when you slide tackle dive or get tackled without hindering your movements.

      Our new Engineered Biology line is inspired by the intersection between engineering and biology and takes cues from a ratio called the ‘Golden Section' which is reflected in the triangular Pattern integrated into our fabrics. This EB model of our soccer shorts features more durable textured shield covers. 


      Impact Resistant:

      Storelli protective shorts contain 3mm of high-performance polyurethane foam providing extreme impact protection (e.g. opponent's knee hitting the thigh) and turf burn protection. Integrated cup pocket for additional protection (cup not included). 


      Breathable moisture wicking compression fabric combined with open cell protective foams make for a cool Light fit (in the heat and under pressure).


      Soccer sliders designed to conform to the body for a skin-tight fit that quickly makes you forget you are wearing protection.