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      True Lefevre Senior 20.2 Hockey Goalie Pad

      Note: Made In Canada

      True has revealed their first custom set available on the market crafted by Lefevre. If you are a goalie, you will know Lefevre by their top notch level of craftsmanship paired with an understanding on how to create gear that will help a goalie perform at the highest level possible.

      Starting off with the face graphic of the L20.2 Senior Goalie Leg Pad, you will see their incredibly creative design with thin zones that run vertically down the pad making specific lines and pockets of color. Getting creative with this design will allow the goaltender to get a unique look both simple and complex by grouping zones together or adding color to small accent zones throughout the pad.

      When coloring the inside edge, you will have the option to use True’s Fast Glide which is designed to create less drag on the ice when sliding around the crease. It is recommended to get the sliding edge of the True L20.2 in white to utilize the Fast Glide technology and get the most out of the potential performance of the L20.2.

      Continuing to the build of the pad, the True L20.2 features an aggressive flat-faced design that is different from the more traditional L12.2 counterpart. Starting off with the face construction, the entire L20.1 is a completely flat design for more predictable rebound purposes. The outer roll is slightly angled towards the inside edge of the pad to help prevent pucks from popping over the pad but instead staying in front of the goaltender.

      Flipping around to the outer gusset of the pad, the True L20.2 visually looks like a classic Lefevre pad with a consistent shape with a slight bend due to the single break in the middle of the pad, creating a slight curve to better aid in butterfly closure. Adding in, the outer gusset is split into two zones to allow the goaltender to have a more creative design.

      On the leg channel, some very exciting features exclusive to True can be seen in the strapping systems of both the True L20.2 and L12.2. Starting from the outside and working our way in, a single strap runs on the upper calf and doubles back to close up the entire leg channel. Opening that up, you will see Trues Fast Rotation System which is made up of two double back straps at the upper and lower calf over two pad that will hug the goaltenders leg and create a comfortable and consistent connection to the pad when making any movement in the new True line.

      Finishing up the leg channel, the knee stack is similar to anything else seen in previous True pads in shape but features a grip texture on the inner knee, so the goaltender stays more connected to the knee stack when transitioning in and out of the butterfly. Out of the knee block is an elastic strap that can run directly across the knee or down to the calf depending on what the goaltender prefers.

      Finally, down at the boot, you will see an elastic toe tie system that looks similar to a skate lace but stretches nicely to two Velcro points that will run through the skate. An elastic toe tie connection helps the goaltender create less stress on their knee all while helping the pad snap back into place while still having the flexibility needed to get quick pushes.

      If you are an elite-level goaltender who loves the work Lefevre has done in the past and wants to get their hands on the all new and improved design brought to you by True, look no further than the True L20.2 Senior Custom Goalie Leg Pad.