Heavy hitters: our guide to slo pitch bat weights

May 18, 2022
Heavy hitters: our guide to slo pitch bat weights
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The cool Summer breeze. The crack of the bat. The thud of the mitt. That’s right, it’s slo-pitch season! 

If you’re looking for an edge at the plate this season, we’ve got you covered with an extensive selection of slo-pitch bats that can maximize your skills no matter what type of hitter you are. 

To start, we can help you get outfitted for the proper bat depending on what type of hitter you are. It’s time to talk about some terminology and get you up to speed. 

When you’re looking at bats, you might notice terms like “endload”, “maxload”, and “balanced.” These aren’t just buzzwords, they are key in understanding which slo pitch bat will work best for you. 

Balanced Bats

Let’s start with balanced bats. A balanced bat has its weight evenly distributed throughout, so you can easily control your swing and hit the ball to certain areas of the field. Looking to hit situationally with a runner on third base? A balanced bat will help you unlock your skills as a contact hitter and reliably put the ball in play to cash in those runs! 


Endload Bats

If your sights extend farther than line drives, we’ve got you covered as well. Endloaded bats give you more power as a hitter by concentrating more weight at the end of the barrel to give a whip-like effect for hitters. This means that if you can control your swing technique, you’ll be blasting balls over the fence with authority! 


Maxload Bats 

But there’s still one category for those hitters who want to hit some absolute tape measure home runs. Maybe their team is having a midseason HR derby? For the players looking to hit some balls into the next area code, a Maxload bat is perfect. Maxloaded bats operate on the same basic principles as endloaded bats, but they concentrate even more of the bat’s weight at the end of the barrel, meaning the power increase and whip action is even more dramatic. These bats are designed for seasoned power hitters who want to maximize the distance on their fly balls. 

Shopping for your bat

Most bats will be identified by having either "balanced", "endload", or "maxload" in the product name. Some bats have alternative descriptions like "loaded" in their names - in that case, the product description should inform you what type of weight distribution the bat is designed with. 


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No matter what type of hitter you are, and no matter your experience level, we can help put the right bat in your hands so you can start getting hits and making memories this Summer!

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