Bike Maintenance: How to Properly Lubricate your Bike

March 02, 2023
Bike Maintenance: How to Properly Lubricate your Bike
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Greetings riders. A common question we get is 'how often should I lubricate my bicycle'? So we assembled some basics on greasing and lubrication.

First of all, your bike lubrication schedule should be determined by the type of riding you do, the conditions, climate and how often you ride. The chain is the most common element to lube up, but you should also apply it to other moving parts like the derailleur pivots, suspension, brake and shift cables, and pedals.


Lubrication Rule of Thumb

  • Chains: every 150-300 km of riding or every four weeks if you ride regularly.
  • Brakes, pedals axle and derailleur: start of every season or as needed
  • Suspension grease: start of every season or after a major off road excursion

Wet and muddy conditions

Moisture and dirt can wash away or gunk up your lubrications, causing rust or corrosion and wear more quickly. If you’re going through highly muddy terrain, you should clean and lubricate after every ride. United has a variety of cleaning products to help get debris and dirt out of your bike.

A little rain isn’t necessarily a problem, but it’s still wise to apply some lubrication. It’s quick and easy to do, so make a habit of it! We offer some quality lubricants that are convenient to apply routinely.


What lubricants to use

It’s important that you use high-quality bike lubricant that is designed for bikes and for the specific components. Do not use household oils or other lubricants you have sitting around as those may cause damage and attract dirt or debris. You can shop online at United for all our different lube products or come down and speak with one of our experts if you have questions.


Applying lubricant

  • Chains: Most chain lubricants will come with a narrow application nozzle. Elevate or invert your bike so you can spin the tire freely. Gently apply lubricant to the chain as you slowly spin the chain until a narrow strip has been applied to the entire chain.
  • Brakes: Apply a drop of lubricant to the point where the cable emerges from the cover. Compress and release your brakes to draw the lubricant into the cover to draw it inside.
  • Suspension: Apply grease to the exposed shock stanchion, near where it enters the suspension cover. Press down on the bike to compress the suspension and draw the lubrication in.

Most routine bike lubrication is designed to be done easily by the rider with minimal experience. Pick yourself up a good selection of quality products to have on hand and keep your bike running smooth, and know that United is always here to help!

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