United Trail Review - Fort Edmonton Park to Terwillegar Park Loop

June 15, 2023
United Trail Review - Fort Edmonton Park to Terwillegar Park Loop
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  • Total Trail Length: 7km (easily broken up into smaller sections)
  • Total Elevation Change: Approximately 90m
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This route is definitely a gem! The loop by Fort Edmonton Park and Terwillegar Park offer an incredible journey across the water, through the ravine scenery and back through the Riverbend community. It is also a double trail in many sections, so even though this is a popular route, it is easy to navigate around others trail goers. 

It is a shared walking and riding trail, so it’s not meant for ripping around at full speed. Riders looking to push themselves with speed or intense climbs might not find this loop compelling, but those looking for a fun and sometimes challenging ride will love this route. Even though we’re pretty hardcore riders, we’ll slow down to enjoy the sites around Fort Edmonton Park and Terwillegar. 

What is special about the Fort Edmonton Park to Terwillegar Park Loop?

The loop has a variety of riding in one loop. Though climbs aren’t too high, only about 90 metres, it features paved, dirt and gravel paths. It also features two bridges, first crossing the water over the Fort Edmonton footbridge. This suspension bridge was created in 2008, followed shortly after by paved trails and updated landscaping. The second bridge is the Terwillegar Park Footbridge, which spans 262 metres. Its unique design is described as a ‘stressed ribbon’, and it is an awesome ride.

There are also numerous nearby amenities at the Westridge and Callingwood shopping centres. If you are commuting to this bike loop, there is plenty of parking in the Terwillegar and Riverbend community or around the various parks themselves. The mix of great parking and nearby amenities makes this a great destination ride to pack of the family and have an afternoon of cycling and sightseeing. 

What about the ride?

Ideal riders: Family friendly. Challenging climbs but approachable.

There are some climbs on this route that may pose some challenges to very young or elderly riders, but it may only require a small section of walking bikes. Otherwise, the trail is approachable, and provides a unique joy of crossing the water twice on two different bridges. We consider Fort Edmonton Park to Terwillegar Park loop a great all-around ride.

As we mentioned before, this is not geared towards high-speed or intense climbs, and fast riding is discouraged to avoid accidents with walking traffic. This loop is popular because of how enjoyable it is, but that means dealing with plenty of others on the trail. We wouldn’t let that stop you from trying it though, the sites along the ride are second to none!

Trail Highlights:

  • Ride over the Fort Edmonton Footbridge
  • Ride over the Terwillegar Park Footbridge
  • Nearby shopping centres for various amenities
  • Variety of riding surfaces, including paved paths
  • Casual riding with occasional challenging sections
  • Family friendly


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