Are eBikes Worth It?

March 22, 2023
Are eBikes Worth It?
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Are you on the fence about an electric bike?

It may be difficult to not appear biased about ebikes, but United Sport and Cycle has been on the cutting edge of bike technology for almost a century now. We were one of the first retailers in Canada to jump in with electric bikes, but we did so to understand the value to riders. Particularly when you look at our environment. It’s winter half the year in Alberta!

After years of fitting riders with electric bikes, we truly believe that ebikes are an amazing addition to the cycling landscape. We’ve assembled a list of why by overcoming the hesitancies and objections we’ve often heard when discussing ebikes.

  • Are ebikes safe?
  • What kind of riders use ebikes?
  • Do I still get exercise on an electric bike?
  • Are they difficult to use?

These are the most common questions we hear from shoppers, but if you have your own questions, come and visit us and our experts would be thrilled to discuss. 

Are ebikes safe?

Yes! Once you understand how pedal-assist ebikes work, you recognize how much safer they are. The bikes United aligns with are what we call ‘pedal-assist’, meaning they contribute to your pedalling and only engage when you are putting effort in. It assists your efforts, not overrides you. This means there is no risk of throttling out of control! 

For this reason, many individuals that have suffered injuries or are elderly love ebikes because it gives their body power. In this way, ebikes can be seen as much safer than conventional bikes, because you can lower the risk of over-exertion. 

We’ve spoken with hundreds of riders that feel safer with their ebikes now and are able to get on the road more often because of it.

Who are electric bikes for?

Everyone! It’s easy to see pedal-assist bikes as only for those requiring help due to injury or age, but they’ve evolved to fit many roles. Now there are electric bikes designed for hardcore downhill riders looking for peak performance all the way to Sunday riders taking their kids to the park. It all has to do with getting the most out of your ride:

Electric Mountain Bikes: Get more runs by having pedal-assist get you up the hills so you can enjoy more of going down!

Electric Cruisers: Stylish, easy to ride electric bikes to help get you out more often by putting you in a more comfortable and upright riding position. 

Commuter Bikes: Efficient and sturdy bikes for the daily commute and making that long ride home even easier.

Electric bikes have evolved to give you more out of your ride. You can ride longer, further and with less stress on your body.

Do I get any exercise on an ebike?

Yes! We did an article on the myth that ebikes take away the exercise from riding. Pedal-assist is meant to give you support in riding, not take away the work altogether. Some bikes even let you adjust the amount of assist you apply to your ride. These bikes have made it easier for people to keep consistent with their exercise, because some days are harder than others, but every day is approachable when you have a bike that helps you.

Are electric bikes complicated to use?

No! There are some more complex ebikes that give you more options and control over your ride, but mostly they are made to pick up and start riding. Because of the assist design, there is no throttle to use, you just start biking and the electric side kicks in seamlessly. The maintenance requirements for an electric bike are not much more difficult than a normal bike either.

Other Considerations

Environmental Impact

Beyond the financial cost of buying a car and filling it with gas, biking has a huge positive impact on our world. That doesn’t mean everyone can easily switch from driving to biking. That’s where ebikes come in. They can help you go further if the commuting distance is a problem, and they make it easier on the body if you’re riding daily.

New Adventures

You might surprise yourself with the adventures you can have once you’re able to go further. Once you get a little assistance, going to the mountains with your bike becomes much more attractive. Going from trips to the corner to trips across town become a reality. Many cyclists we talk about have found ebikes opened up far more options for riding. Packing a couple ebikes on the camper has become hugely popular for families exploring around new destinations. 

We know that this content may come across as a bit bias as a bike retailer, but we are riders too. There are numerous benefits of ebikes that we’ve experienced, and we’ve seen with the cyclists who’ve come in our store. If you’re ready to shop, you can check out our full selection online. Or better yet, come down to our store and speak with an expert and try our indoor test track.

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