Bike Security 101: Finding the Right Bike Lock

February 23, 2023
Bike Security 101: Finding the Right Bike Lock
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Whether you bike for recreation, getting to work, shopping or fitness; at some point you’re going to park it and walk away. When you do, you want to be confident your bicycle is safely protected when you return. Thousands of bikes are stolen every year in Edmonton alone, so the best thing you can do is get a proper bike lock

There are many different models to choose from, each with its own advantages. So we’re going to walk you through the various models and what you should look for based on price, ease of use and level of bike lock security. If you have more questions, or want to see different locks, come and visit our experts at United.

The most basic type of bike lock is the cable lock or chain lock. These are lightweight and easy to carry around, making them great for commuters who need to lock their bike up in multiple places throughout their daily journey. They are also the most affordable type of bike lock, ranging from $10-85. Cable locks also come in combination and keyed entry. However, they're not as secure as other types of locks and can be easily cut by thieves. Use this lock if your bike is in highly visible, public places where you won’t leave it for extended periods.

Next up are U-locks, which offer high security and often come with a built-in lock as either a combination or key. U-locks are great for leaving your bike out in the open, as they're much more difficult to cut than cable locks. They cost anywhere from $90-225+ depending on the brand and size. United also carries a foldable Kryptonite U-lock for easy transportation.

Which Lock Will Work for You?

Kids Bikes

A simple cable lock is often a fine choice of your kid’s bike. They’re light enough to pack around, easy to secure, and come with either keys or combinations depending on your child’s preference. 

High-End Bikes

If you’ve invested in a higher-end bike, it makes sense to invest in a top quality lock. Our Kryptonite New York U-Lock is rated 10/10 for security. It is heavier and on the more expensive end, but it is one of the strongest bike locks on the market.

Daily Commuting

For everyday riders who need something reliable, affordable and convenient, we recommend one of our Kryptonite U-Locks. Riders find these easy to lock and unlock frequently, they’re not overly heavy, and you can get one for as little as $90. 

Other Safety Precautions

Lock in a Designated Bike Space

Many establishments have dedicated areas for you to lock up. These are often highly visible and have permanently anchored lock points. 

Register Your Bike

We recommend that riders register their bike at This will help the police potentially recover your bike after a theft.

Not Stop is Too Quick to Lock Up!

Many thefts are done because of a split-second opportunity. Even jumping into a store quickly without locking up comes with a big risk. Always take the extra minute to secure your bicycle.

Choose a Reputable Brand

United carries several brands, most notably our Kryptonite bike locks. Some brands you can find cheap online are made from weaker metals or with less-secure locking mechanisms. Experience thieves can often spot a poor quality bike lock that will be less trouble for them to break.

No matter which type of bike lock you choose, it’s important to remember that bicycle security is an essential part of bike ownership. Investing in the right bike lock can help ensure that your bicycle is safe and secure, no matter where you ride.

Happy (and secure) biking!

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