Outfit Your Bike For Winter Weather

December 15, 2021
Outfit Your Bike For Winter Weather
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How to Prepare for Winter Bike Riding

If you’re looking to extend your riding into the winter, you’re either going to be on the lookout for a fat bike or to modify your current ride. A new bike may not be in your budget, but winterizing your bike and your gear is easy.

United Sport & Cycle can build you a tailored Winter biking experience from the ground up. Let's start from the beginning...


Prepare for Less Daylight

Once the long summer days give way to long winter nights, a solid set of lights is essential for commuting. For most of us, it’s still dark on the drive in and ride home during the winter.
Beyond simply making the road more visible, bike lights also makes you more visible to other bikers, motorists, and pedestrians.

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Increase Your Tire Traction for Icy Conditions

While you can use your regular tires at a lower PSI, you can also buy some studded tires to really give yourself a leg up on the frosty conditions. Studded tires will provide you with more grip and more stability on rough surfaces.

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Warm Clothes for Cold Weather

If you're biking to work on a frigid morning, you're going to need the proper Winter gear - not just for yourself, but for your bike as well! A good pair of winter cycling gloves, pants, and a warm jacket are essential if you want to become a true Winter warrior. A cycling pogie acts as a pair of gloves for your handlebars - allowing you to keep the same feeling of control while riding without sacrificing warmth.

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Fenders to Keep You Clean

Snow inevitably means slush, dirt, salt and spraying bike tires. Most bikes can be easily equipped with a fender to keep your backside clean and dry. Trust us on this one. A fender might seem like a luxury, but you’ll thank us come the spring thaw.

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The fat bike is not the final word in winter biking. While they do offer great performance in cold weather, you can still outfit your current ride to keep going through the cold. If you’re a bike lover like us, you’re not going to let winter keep you from riding.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your modifications today to ride through the Winter!

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