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      Our core values

      Core values are intended to be the guiding principles of how a business operates and makes decisions. At United Sport & Cycle, we promote values that have helped us grow over the decades, while remaining committed to the community that supports us. At the centre of our values is our mission to create amazing memories. When we do this, we become more than a retailer, we become a friend, a teacher or a partner to our customers.

      This is the place

      A place marker that points down to the word mark, subtly stating, this is the place you've come to trust for all your sporting needs


      Diagonal independent stripes showing the vast diversity in our community that channel inwards to the brand


      Both a representation of the brand United Sport & Cycle, and a link from "you" our customer, to the brand

      Forward momentum

      A subtle onward arrow alludes to personal growth, athletic prowess, and moving forward

      All-around athletics

      The slight arching of United mirrors past iterations of the United Cycle logo while also suggesting we have everything sport and cycling covered

      Leader of the pack

      A medal and ribbon, closely linked to sports and performance, speak to high quality an achievement

      Parcels & products

      This isometric cube adds visual interest and depth to the brand, while alluding to vast amounts of physical items available


      The subtle established 1928 demonstrates expertise and tradition in a quiet but confident way


      Collegiate, jersey, heritage, classic, modern, unique. Represents everything sport from yesterday through to tomorrow