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      Find your winning fit 

      Bauer 3D skate lab technology are exposing players to the most scientifically accurate measurement system on the market. The Bauer 3D Scanner is an in-store process that allows use to make a digital image of your foot to create a custom fitted skate. Using the Bauer 7-point foot profile system, we’ll identify the key areas of your foot, point out hot spots that need attention and provide you with a complete picture of how a skate should fit. Once the process is completed, you will have a fully customized pair of skates, made specifically for your feet, just the way you want them. 

      How does the process work? 

      Bauer 3D Skate Lab was designed to allow players to fully customize every detail of their hockey skates. Our experts will begin by asking you’re a series of questions which help determine what you are looking for in your hockey skates. They will ask questions regarding what kind of skates you are currently using, or have used in the past, the issues you are having with the skates and any foot features that would need to be addressed before proceeding. 

      Once our experts have an idea what you are looking for, then you proceed to the scanning process. The MyBauer Scanner typically takes around 10-15 seconds and will gather data from your foot shape and stance. Not only will you know your foot shape and stance, but you will also be provided with unique features, overall support, and extra space. 

      After the scan is completed, you will receive a “Best Recommended Fit” along with a 3D model of your foot. The profile that the scanner creates for you will include a Bauer skate model (Supreme, Nexus or Vapor), the type of fit you have, size and the width. 

      Once the model and measurements fit your needs, that is when you can customize the materials and specs of the skates. This part of the process is where you can fully customize things like the liner, tongue, eyelets, steel, colour, flex, and embroidery. Our Team will provide you with the difference in features that are customizable and will help you figure out exactly how you want your skates to fit. Not only will custom skates have the perfect fit for your game, but they will also provide you with the perfect look and design that fits your needs.  

      Custom wait times vary; however, the average wait time is 6 weeks. Come down and visit us in-store and talk to one of our hockey experts to get fitted. If you have any questions about Custom Bauer Skates, feel free to call us at 780-433-1181, email us at or engage us via live chat on our website.