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      Bike services and repair

      United Sport & Cycle has been Edmonton’s best local bike repair shop for over nine decades and was once again named Edmonton's favourite bike store. Our professional bike technicians are efficient, reliable, and have worked on all major bike brands. We look forward to the helping with your bike servicing and repairs in 2023!

      Looking to get your bike in for a service or repair?

      All of our repair and service work is 100% guaranteed and we provide free inspections! Our tune up packages are bundled services for preventative maintenance and repair. By bundling , we save you money and get your bike the servicing it needs!

      When you are ready to have your bike serviced you can bring it into our store or schedule a pickup and delivery. Once the bike is in our shop, our service technicians will conduct a free assessment of your bike and provide you with their best service recommendation to get your bike in top shape for the riding season.

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      Bike fitting

      With the help of our expert staff and the best technology, our bike fitting service will ensure every rider is dialed in on their bike. Riding more comfortably not only allows for longer rides but for more efficient ones too. Let us help you get there.

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      Tune up package details

      Level 1 service - recommended every 25 hours


      Level 2 service - recommended every 50 hours


      Most popular

      Level 3 service - recommended every 100 hours


      Other services we offer

      Not all individual repairs are listed. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us and our technicians will help with what you need.

      Bike fitting

      Register your bike

      Protect your investment. Bike Index is the most widely used bike registration service, and helps with successful bike recoveries.

      Bike index is a non profit online bike registry. Use it to register your bike, alert the community if your bike is stollen and to identify a bike you have found to get it back to its owner.

      Register your bike with Bike Index

      Other bike categories

      Bike Repairs and Tune-Ups Edmonton Canada


      With our huge selection of bikes, you are sure to find the one perfect for you.

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      Bike Repairs and Tune-Ups Edmonton Canada

      Bike parts

      Keep your ride happy - maintain your bike with our selection of bike parts.

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      Bike Pick Up and Delivery Edmonton Canada

      Bike accessories

      Customize your bike for the exact ride you want with our selection of bike accessories.

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      Bike Fit Studio Shop Store Edmonton Canada

      Cyclist accessories

      Look good, feel good, ride good with our selection of cyclist accessories.

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