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The Michigan


The Michigan

Whether passing, shooting or stick handling, the Michigan stick delivers the ultimate in feel and performance while offering a dual delivery option from the blade or head.

The Michigan

Optimized low kick point towards the blade for a quick release combined with a dual lateral layup throughout the body of the shaft to deliver precision accuracy from the head.

Dual Kickpoint

The best of both worlds. A low kickpoint towards the blade providing a quick release, as well as a long taper towards the head for precision accuracy.


Thin rigid walls that load power within the shaft for maximum performance paired with dual-cross carbon fibre for unmatched durability.

Pulse Blade

Injected with SRS foamlite material, the Michigan blade feels soft when stick handling and passing while staying rigid through release for maximize speed and accuracy.

Fuletexi Head

Proprietary AFD material delivers unseen stiffness and head shape retention while offering a super soft feel and laser like accuracy.

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