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      SPEEDMINTON Night Speeder® SpeedLights

      SpeedLights make the Night Speeder® glow in the Dark which lets you enjoy a whole different way to play speed badminton. Press one firmly into the hole on bottom of the Night Speeder® head. Glows for 2-3 hours.

      *Safety instructions: Keep away from children younger than 5. Do not open SpeedLight. Should it be opened by accident note that liquid is not toxic. In case of contact with skin or eyes rinse thoroughly with clean or sterilized water. If necessary seek medical attention.

      • SpeedLight lasts up to 3 hours
      • 8 SpeedLights per pack

      What is Speedminton 

      Speedminton GmbH founded in 2002 has combined the best of Tennis Squash and Badminton into a game that you can play anywhere: Crossminton!

      Its simple rules make the sport attractive to hardcore players and recreational athletes alike - anyone who can hold a racquet! Whether competition or freestyle: Crossminton is a game with no limits. 

      The game is very easy to set up and there is no net required; the court is composed of two 18 ft x 18 ft squares with a distance of 42 ft in between. The Speeder® (birdie) is designed for indoor and outdoor play.



      Rather than a tennis ball or a shuttlecock (or birdie) a “Speeder®” is used in Crossminton. A Speeder® is shaped like a shuttlecock but is half the height and double the Weight with a high density rubber end.